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Independent Verification and Validation
IV&V consists of a systems engineering process that is independent of the project development and system integration organization employing rigorous methodologies for the evaluation of the correctness and usability of the software product throughout the entire project lifecycle. Validation consists of evaluating a project throughout the project lifecycle ensuring compliance with the project and software requirements (i.e., "building the right product"). IV&V is applied to a project to help ensure:
  • Expected project and software behavior when subjected to anticipated events;

  • No unexpected project and software behavior when subjected to unanticipated events; and

  • System performs to the customer's expectations under all operational conditions.
Verification and validation is generally defined as the set of processes for determining whether:
  • Requirements for a system or component are complete and correct;

  • Products of each development phase fulfill the requirements or conditions imposed by the previous phase;

  • Final systems or components comply with specified requirements; and

  • The resultant system fulfills its intended use and purpose.
Formal verification and validation processes are based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard IEEE 1012-2012. At devObject, our IV&V consultants average over 20 years’ experience in delivering quality IT solutions.