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System Analysis and Architecture
Our software architects are dedicated to helping clients meet the objectives of their organization by aligning the technology portfolio with business drivers in an efficient manner. They take into consideration the organization’s business model, internal structures, governance models, and performance management when establishing an enabling technology platform that can broadly support the organization. Our government clients rely on us to enable effective business and IT alignment that leads to greater innovation and agility.

Even well-defined and well-documented business processes can often be improved. Technology-centric projects or those that optimize activities within functional “silos” tend to sub-optimize the overall process, increasing costs and reducing efficiency. devObject focuses on the end-to-end business process with value creation as the ultimate goal.

devObject provides software architectural design and development services for legacy / existing systems and new systems. Our experts and professionals are committed to providing quality, yet conforming to the existing technology standards and practices of our client’s organization. This typically includes the follow steps:

Requirements and System Analysis: Our IT experts work diligently with our clients to compose requirements documents, use cases, and user stories with thorough analysis and effort estimation. The process will help you understand what it would take to completely realize a solution.

Design Modeling: Our experts are capable of developing UML models that thoroughly describe a system. These models can be delivered at any required level that includes high level logical organization and detailed class method level design.

Model/Reference Implementation: We create a prototype solution that validates the architecture, tests the feasibility of technical solution, and confers a pattern for entire process to follow in the due course of designing.

Architecture Reviews: Our team evaluates the existing system designs for scope to simplify or add system enhancements.