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Project Oversight
Independent Project Oversight is a process in which a completely independent party evaluates the work products generated by a project team. devObject brings a wide range of skills and experience to the table, ensuring that our assessments are both comprehensive and based on industry best practices.

If your organization utilizes an outsourcing strategy, you probably already know that managing your vendors can be a full-time job. Ongoing communication and active participation in the project are often necessary, yet run contrary to the reason for outsourcing in the first place—to free up your company’s resources to work on other, more pressing projects.

The benefits of devObject's outsourcing oversight services include:
  • We free up your time to work on other projects.

  • You’ll only have to meet with us periodically, and we’ll be the ones dealing with day-to-day details and issues.

  • We vet the work quality, manage the vendors, and set the expectations.

  • We communicate with you and/or your customer to receive feedback and address concerns.

  • We’ll travel to the vendor’s location (if applicable) for regular meetings and quality control.

  • We provide you with regular reports on project status.

  • We can coordinate with other third-party vendors, such as testing or QA companies.

Every project is different. Some projects require minimal supervision; others can quickly spiral out of control if not actively managed. If your hands are tied worrying about somebody else’s problems and you’re looking for ways to reduce you or your company’s involvement while still receiving the quality product you expect, devObject’s outsourcing oversight services are for you.