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  Michael Miller

   Solution Architecture

Mr. Miller has over 30 years experience in software design and development spanning mainframe, Unix and Windows operating systems and client-server and web-based architectures. He has been responsible for all phases of software application and software product development from requirements analysis, system architecture, database design, configuration management, programming, testing, maintenance and support.

Mr. Miller has successfully completed numerous projects nationwide for clients ranging from ecommerce startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates. He has successfully ran a software consulting corporation since 1999 providing superior services to his private sector and government clients. Michael is currently expert and certified in Microsoft stack technologies including SQL Server, .NET and Active Directory.

  David Murphy

   Systems Analysis and Design

Mr. Murphy has over 23 years experience in systems planning, design, development, management and assessment for government agencies. He has been responsible for all phases of the development, implementation and management of large-scale systems as well as having worked on numerous smaller projects. His areas of expertise include Project Management, Project Oversight, Independent Verification and Validation, Quality Assurance, Procurement Management, and Engagement Management.

Mr. Murphy has successfully completed projects across the country and has extensive government, insurance and health care industry experience from both a payor and provider perspective. Mr. Murphy has managed multiple large scale projects for government systems procurement and development efforts as well as managed the claims payment division of a State Medicaid Agency while being responsible for major Medicaid system development efforts.

  Jim Brown

   Program Management

Mr. Brown has over 30 years progressive experience directing and managing organizations and projects in the private and public sectors. Specific experience has included strategic planning, technology assessments, alternatives analysis, procurement support, vendor management, project management, business analysis, requirements definition, independent project oversight, and independent validation and verification. A broad spectrum of technology experience implementing solutions including integrated hardware and software systems, case management systems, insurance, health benefit systems, large scale databases, high volume middleware, statewide solutions, and commercial off the shelf products.

Mr. Brown implemented processes for Enterprise Architecture, Governance, Disaster Recovery, Application Development/Maintenance, Service Management, Project Management Office, and Data Center Operations. Managed small to large organizations (up to 400 staff), led multiple large, complex projects over $350M budgets, and has developed policy for overseeing mission critical, high risk projects including the California IT Project Oversight Framework for all state reportable projects.

  John Zurwell

   Technology and Networking

Mr. Zurwell is an accomplished IT professional with more than 27 years of experience, offering a unique combination of leadership, technical, and people skills exercised across small to enterprise-sized environments. John assimilates, conveys and applies new and evolving technologies efficiently. He has an extensive business and technical background enveloping datacenter operations, online presence buildout, project management, database design and optimization, operating systems, programming languages, hardware, software, and network protocols.

As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) John has focused on "Operational Security" including records management, vulnerability assessment, resource protection, application security, incident management, and countermeasures for IT operations. He has also developed and deployed multi-Country eCommerce websites incorporating language, currency, and fulfillment services across multiple systems and locations, and was instrumental in the development of high speed wireless networks for various local governments.

  Perry Dvorak

   Security and Database

Mr Dvorak is an IT professional with over 30 years of experience in systems engineering, security and Oracle database development. With over 18 years of systems engineering at Oracle, Perry is expert in the use of Oracle Forms and PL/SQL for GUI display for both rich and thin client applications including J2EE based applications at customer sites. He is also expert with the remediation of application database errors using custom PL/SQL procedures to locate and diagnose errors.

Perry is certified in IT security in which he was responsible for all penetration testing procedures for internal systems at Oracle including databases, websites and operating systems. This responsibility included the remediation of any vulnerabilities found including finding data and system owners and working through the change management process to fully resolve the vulnerabilities. He is also highly experienced with the use of the Oracle Data Integrator tool to transfer data between heterogeneous database using Web Logic server agents, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Jython, and JMS queuing.