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Our devObjects™ web application generator product facilitates complex business applicaions without costly software development.
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We can provide anything from surgical consulting engagements to large-scale turnkey system implementation from project management to quality assurance.
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Our certified security experts will insure that your information will be protected in all possible ways.
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Our extensive experience on projects small to large will insure your project needs are achieved at the cost you expected.
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Project success can be elusive, unpredictable, even exasperating – and most importantly, critical to your business goals. For nearly 30 years, devObject's principals have helped clients achieve their business goals by assisting them in planning and executing their most complex and critical projects. Project Management is a core competency and the foundation for virtually all of our professional services. All of our senior consultants, as well as our consulting partners, have earned decades of experience as well as additional advanced certifications

Nearly all organizations rely on information technology, and many invest significant amounts of their scarce financial and human resources to build or maintain technology-based systems. Yet for many organizations, IT investment is not fully aligned with business needs, and IT infrastructures are perceived as costly and difficult to manage. devObject can help you develop a systematic approach to IT strategic planning for projects ranging from data center facilities to technology lifecycle management.

Whether due to an internal reorganization or a major corporate merger, merging and integrating multiple IT environments and/or systems can be a daunting challenge. Redundant business applications need to be identified, IT infrastructures must be combined and optimized, and operational organizations and their related service delivery processes must be assessed, redesigned, and redeployed. devObject consultants have decades of experience and success in this field. Let us put our experience to work for you.

IT Governance has become a significant issue for many organizations. Fundamentally, IT Governance refers to the system or processes by which the use of information technology is directed and controlled. devObject can help you develop a framework for IT investment decisions and accountability that typically encompasses strategy and policies for deploying and using IT.

Even well-defined and well-documented business processes can often be improved. Technology-centric projects or those that optimize activities within functional “silos” tend to sub-optimize the overall process, increasing costs and reducing efficiency. devObject focuses on the end-to-end business process with value creation as the ultimate goal.